Newest Innovation In Zinc Rich Tech

ZRC Galvilite Large

ZRC® 221 Cold Galvanizing Compound

  • Newest innovation in zinc rich technology
  • Same superior performance as ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound
  • Over 40% lower in volatile organic compounds
  • Lowest VOC zinc rich compound available
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Excellent for use in VOC-restricted areas
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Water Treatment Plant

Applied with no topcoat to metal ceiling in an environment subject chlorine/lime vapors and other corrosive elements.

  • Specifications
  • Characteristics
  • Application
  • Technical Data & SDS
  • How To Buy
TYPE: Single pack, premixed, ready-to-apply liquid organic zinc compound

GENERAL PROPERTIES: ZRC-221 is a advanced-technology cold galvanizing compound based on a trade secret organic binder which affords true galvanic anti-corrosion protection to metals. The dried film of ZRC-221 is 92% metallic zinc. Because of the uniqueness of the formulation, ZRC is the only coating of its type to be recognized under the Component Program of Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc.

RECOMMENDED USES: ZRC-221may be used without topcoat in place of hot-dip galvanizing. Also used as a high-performance base coat with a variety of topcoats. Used for repair of damaged hot-dip galvanizing, Galvalume® and zinc metallizing, regalvanizing worn hot-dip galvanizing, repair of weldments, and repair of damaged inorganic zinc coatings. Excellent for long-term protection of structural steel, water and waste facilities, power plants, transmission towers and antennae, steel decking and bridges, and numerous OEM uses.

SUBSTRATES: Apply to properly prepared carbon steel, cast iron, hot-dip galvanized, and aluminum surfaces.
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Contact with potable water, strong acids or strong alkalis

Continuous: 350°F max/177°C max
Non-Continuous: 750°F max/399°C max

SALT FOG EXPOSURE: 2,000 Hours (ASTM B117)

VOC: 1.8 lbs/gal (221 gms/Ltr) (ASTM D3960)

SOLIDS CONTENT: % Solids of Liquid Coating — 85% (by weight)/56% (by volume)

METALLIC ZINC CONTENT: 92% by weight in dry film. Zinc Dust used specified as ASTM D 520 Type III.

Wet: 3.0 mils (76 µ) Dry: 1.5 mils (38 µ)

400 Ft ²/Gal @ 1.5 mil dry film thickness
3.4 M ² /Kg @ 38 µ dry film thickness

FINISH: Flat light grey

FLASH POINT: 109°F (SETA method, ASTM D3278)

WEIGHT PER GALLON: 26.2 lbs (ASTM D1475)

MASS DENSITY: 3.15 gms/cm cubed

VISCOSITY: 1100 cps. Brookfield RVT spindle #5 @ 100 RPM, 25°C


POT LIFE: At least 24 hours @ 77° F (25° C)


SURFACE PREPARATION: Dependent upon surface conditions and intended service. Typical examples are as follows:

Grease & Oils Solvent to clean SSPC-SP1
Rust Scale Power tool clean to SSPC-SP3 or SSPC-SP11 (SIS St 2 or 3)
Mill Scale, Paint or Heavy Rust Sandblast to SSPC-SP6 (commercial)
(SIS Sa 2)
Water Immersion (100°F (38°C) Maximum) Sandblast to SSPC-SP10(near white)
(SIS Sa 2.5)


BRUSH/ROLLER/AEROSOL: Apply as received in container.

SPRAY (low pressure compressor type):
Atomized Air Pressure 50 psi (1.3 kg/cm²)
Fluid Pressure 15 to 20 psi (0.4-0.6 kg/cm²)
Orifice of Tip 0.080 inches (0.20 cm)
Viscosity Reduction 5:1 ZRC-221 : parachloro-triflouromethyl-benzene (vol) 

SPRAY (airless type):
Pump 30:1 Ratio
Hose 1/2" (1.3 cm)(I.D.) Airless Type
Orifice of Tip 60° - .026 in. (0.07 cm)
Type of Tip Tungsten carbide, reversing
Filter Screens Complete removal is recommended. However, if screens are employed, use no less than 30 mesh.
Viscosity No reduction required.
Recommended Procedure Connect hose directly to pump ensuring a hose length of 50 ft. max. Use least procedure possible. Start at 1500 lbs. (680 kg) and increase as required for good spraying.

CLEAN UP: ZRC XXX Thinner or Xylol/Xylene

DRY TIME (set to touch): When ambient air dried, 20-30 minutes @ 1.5 mil (38 µ) thickness

RECOAT TIME (2nd coat of ZRC-221): 12 hours.

TOPCOATING: After 24-48 hours, ZRC-221 may be topcoated with acrylic, chlorinated rubber, epoxy, urethane or vinyl type products. DO NOT TOPCOAT WITH ALKYD, ALKYD-MODIFIED ACRYLIC, OR LACQUER TYPE PRODUCTS.
PURCHASING INFORMATION: ZRC-221, being a custom product, must be ordered directly from our factory. To place an order please contact us at 1-800-831-3275 (domestic US only) or use our Online Inquiry Form. All our products are non-hazardous for regular UPS Ground and common-carrier transportation and can be shipped immediately from stock on MasterCard, Visa or American Express.


Part No. Weight/Unit Units/Case


1 gallon can




27 lbs (12.2 kg)



To the best of our knowledge the technical data contained herein are true and accurate at the date of issuance and are subject to change without prior notice. User must contact ZRC Worldwide to verify correctness before specifying or ordering. No guarantee of accuracy is given or implied. We guarantee our products to conform to ZRC Worldwide quality control. We assume no responsibility for coverage, performance, or injuries resulting from use. Liability, if any is limited to replacement of products. Prices and cost data, if shown, are subject to change without prior notice. NO OTHER WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND is made by ZRC Worldwide, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY, BY OPERATION OF LAW, OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.